Logic has developed and selected a number of products to enhance the experience of using an ATV or UTV. These are all high-quality products designed to give years of excellent service.

Why buy Logic accessories?
  • Safety helmets – designed to comply with Health & Safety Executive recommendations
  • Spraying safety kit with protective clothing – all you need to comply with Health & Safety Executive recommendations
  • Handlebar muffs and heated grips to provide warmth and comfort in winter conditions
  • Storage bags, boxes, trays and basket – so you can get the most out of your ATV
  • Gun grips and  boot –  to safely secure items on an ATV or UTV to prevent damage or loss when travelling from store to site.
  • Security products are worth fitting for peace of mind and possible insurance premium reductions, particularly from NFU Mutual.
  • We also supply a full range of winches, wheels, covers and a wide range components




ATV Seat Cover KOL93640

Close Tank Bag KOL92145